Need a little lift? Then you'll love our Magic Curves Breast Lift Adhesive Bra! It features a lace up, pull system that is designed to give you the perfect lift. It has soft, seamless padding and is lined with a strong adhesive for comfortable wear. You'll love wearing it with all your backless dresses!

1- Unbox your new amazing bra. 
2- Lightly loosen the clip-on ties.
3- Place bra on your breasts, pull the end of the string ties and pull the clip at the same time.

Silicone bra.
True to size. 
Soft padding.
Heavy duty adhesive - lasts approximately 10 wears. 

Caring for your Breast Lift Adhesive Bra:
The inside adhesive can be hand-cleaned gently with soap and warm water. Allow to air dry. Do not wash the fabric exterior.

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